​Export and import management

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We represent our clients with thier suppliers and customers in China to ensure efficient communication and strict controls of production, quality and compliance with documentation.

We minimize the risks caused by distance, language and cultural barriers.

How do we do it? See our procedure of order management.


01. Client requirment

We assign a Project Manager accompanying from the beginning and providing full assistance. Based on customer needs, our professionals select from qualified suppliers or develop a new one, taking advantage of our industry experience.

02. Negotiation with suppliers

We negotiate with suppliers to lower the cost and clarify our order standards.

03. Order confirmation

Quality, prices, packaging, delivery times, payment conditions, everything is articulated in Spanish and English. We formalize all agreements and protect customers by taking advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the business protocol in China.

04. Packing preparation

We take care of the brands of the clients, we take care of controlling the conformity of the designs and the appearances of all the product lines of the clients.

05. Production monitoring and tracking

We take responsibility for guiding and supervising orders during all production processes in order to instantly resolve the possible problems of discrepancies in quality or delivery date.

06. Quality control

We represent the customers in the inspection, we control the quality for all orders, we pass a faithful report that reveals the real states. Most importantly, we take care of solving the problems that are found avoiding possible loss at the destination.

07. Consolidation and shipment

We provide logistics planning and coordination services that allow a great increase in efficiency and profitability. We prepare consolidation and shipping plan according to delivery dates, volumes and weights, movement costs and customer requirements.

08. Post service

All products purchased through us have a full guarantee against manufacturing defects.